A First Look at the iPhone 4 White

The release of the Apple iPhone 4 White is edging ever nearer. The new colour finish adds a further touch of style to what is already a great looking handset. Throw into the equation the impressive feature and you have what is a close to a perfect mobile phone as you could hope for.

One of the standout features of the new iPhone 4 White is its excellent quality display. Given that this is essentially the part of the phone that is used all of the time, Apple have chose wisely in making it as good as technology will allow them. A massive 400% rise in quality is achieved over the iPhone 3GS with the handset displaying an image higher than what your own eye can actually detect.


This is where the name “Retina” display was spawned, and its great quality is thanks to a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and a superb contrast ratio of 800:1. The screen is the same 3.5″ size that is found on previous models and incorporates In Plane Switching technology (IPS) which further enhances colour reproduction in addition to increasing viewing angles. Overall the new handset is fairly similar in size to the 3GS,, with a couple of millimetres lost here and there and also a slight rise in weight by just 2 grammes. The 9.3mm depth is as slim as any phone you can currently buy thanks to the antenna no longer being located internally. Not only does this help achieve the tiny dimensions, but the metallic strip that now acts as the antenna gives the phone a touch of class with regards to the look.

A modern mobile phone is only really as good as the connectivity that its offers. Regardless of features, if you can’t access your e mails or browse the web then its pretty pointless. The iPhone 4 White thankfully offers a great range of connectivity options. GSM, EDGE and 3G are incorporated, ultimately meaning you can always stay in touch whilst on the move. Thanks to this, you can be kept instantly up to date with your inbox thanks to push notifications on e mails and other applications such as Facebook. The handset also supports WiFi in the fastest speed available. This offers the best online experience from home or work. And with the number of publicly accessible WiFi networks available continually increasing, this method of connection looks destined to become even more popular. In order to use the new “FaceTime” method of video calling that is featured on this phone, WiFi is required by both users, as is an iPhone 4. The result are superb though with great picture and sound quality.

Upon it release very soon, the much sought after iPhone 4 White looks set to become hugely popular thanks in part to its different look, but mainly due to the great features that it hosts.

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