Windows Phone 7 – A Favourite Smart Phone among the Customers

Nowadays, the talk of the town is most probably Microsoft Windows phone 7, which is amazing piece of technology. The windows phone 7 series is manufactured by HTC, Samsung, LG, and Dell. Their productions like HTC HD7 (T mobile), HTC Mozart (T mobile), HTC 7 Pro (Sprint), HTC Surround (AT&T), Samsung Omnia, Samsung Focus (AT&T), Dell Venue Pro (T mobile), LG Quantum (AT&T), LG Optimus 7 (Sprint) making a boom in the smart phone market. The HTC windows phone 7 product is popular due to its easy organization for example music applications in the music hub, photo applications in the photo hub, and favorites on the home screen.

The HTC windows phone 7 comes with 5 MP camera, 4.3” touch-screen, storage capacity up to 16 GB along with HT video recording capacity, and nice apps like Photo Enhancer and Notes. The HTC Mozart (T mobile) has excellent built quality and impressive specs. It has 3.7” touch-screen, storage capacity of 8GB, camera of 8 MP with Xenon flash featuring excellent pictorial quality with worth-exploring apps. Apart from this, the popular windows phone 7 in UK like Omnia 7 by Samsung has excellent loudspeaker, which never distorts sound. It has 5 MP camera, AMOLED screen with high contrast, which excels than the other LCD offerings. The remarkable features of this phone are excellent layout and build quality.

The LG Quantum and LG Optimus 7 are the masterpieces of windows phone 7 series that offer both QWERTY keypad and 3.5” touch-screen including resolution of 480 x 800 in pixels. The 5 MP camera boasts of high quality pictures. Assuring a good connectivity, the phone gives storage capacity of 8 GB. Overall, being a pocket-friendly phone with remarkable features and affordable price of windows phone 7 has made them a favourite among the customers.

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The Galaxy range of smartphones has consistently been a bestseller for Brand Samsung and so it is no surprise that the company continues to launch new models with better features and sleeker looks on a regular basis. The latest addition to the Galaxy family comes in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist which is expected to take the market by success thanks to lots of advanced specifications and features that have been packed into a sturdier body. The cost of the phone may be a bit on the pricier side but considering the improvements that have been carried out on the device, customers are sure to get more than their money’s worth!


Design of Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist

The design of the Galaxy S4 Black Mist happens to be the most impressive out of all the smartphones manufactured by Samsung till date. The screen measures an impressive 5 inches and despite its large size, the device is quite comfortable to hold owing to its light weight. The Galaxy S4 Black Mist boasts of a 1920 X 1080p Super AMOLED screen which offers crisp and crystal clear viewing to users.


Camera Quality and Memory Capacity
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist comes equipped with a 13 megapixel rear view camera which enables users to shoot 1080p Full HD videos. The integrated flash feature ensures that the quality of the images is the best possible in every scenario. The phone features a 2 megapixel front-facing camera which is also capable of capturing 1080p Full HD video recording at 30 fps. The new Dual Shot ability allows users to use both the cameras simultaneously.

Advanced Processor and Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist is packed with a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor which ensures that the phone can handle heavy-duty tasks with relative ease. No longer do users need to worry about lag even when they are carrying out heavy-duty tasks on their phone.When it comes to connectivity Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist has every application needed for improved connectivity options. EDGE, Bluetooth, GPRS all offer enhanced connectivity.


Highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist

• One of the most prominent highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist is its larger size that features a stunning Full HD screen measuring 5 inches
• The phone comes packed with a large variety of features which are sure to improve the usability of the device
• The quad-core processor is powerful enough to deal with a multitude of high performance tasks with ease.
• The design and build of the phone is both sturdy yet sleek while being lightweight.
• Adequate amounts of storage space for applications, games, videos, music.
• Latest 4.3 version of Android ensures that the phone supports different programs and is completely updated.


Samsung has made several additions and tweaks to the formula that made the Galaxy line so popular among smartphone users in the first place. A truly worthy successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the S4 Black Mist is sure to be another hit for the South Korean electronics giant.