Guide to Find Best Mobile Phones from Kenya’s Online Store

There so many Kenyan phones out there from different brands and every user is feeling confused on which mobile phone in Kenya is the best. Customers cannot figure out which is which can look good in them this year 2016! Many manufacturers are known to launch their mobile phones in Kenya more so at the beginning of the year. So this midyear is the best period for Kenyans to go out there and choose from their best manufacturer as far as Kenyan phone industry is concerned.

Rumors spread like fire, and every rumor has some truth in it. This is to say, even if a phone has not landed in Kenya, Kenyans already know about it coming to the phone market soon. As we talk now, the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 has already landed, and some stores in Nairobi have a program of a pre-order to their regular customers. Imagine even those that are still held up at the manufacturer like HTC 10 and Huawei P9 are already known down to their specifications. This is the spirit with Kenyan phone lovers today. One thing that excites Kenyan phone users to day is the fact that these new cell phones come with a good offer more often when they launched for the first time in Kenya. Kenyans love free things! They can wait for that discounted phone even if it means several decades.

However much the manufacturer tries to con things to give us a confusing device, we all find a reason to why you should buy this and not that! We try to narrow choices to our level best and make you make good choices this mid-year of 2016. Another thing is that we know that Kenya mobile phone users prefer either the large sized phone while others just need a pocket-sized cell phone for their daily use. That we know, and we keep it mind all day long when we are doing our main reviews. Our reviews don’t go much into details, but the information we offer will automatically help the cell phone users in Kenya today. Without wasting time, let’s get down here and get a well-detailed review of 10 best phones in Kenya today:

My Mobile Phones List

Talk of outdoing themselves, Apple mobile did the unexpected with this mobile phone of the year Apple iPhone 6s. It is an “s” upgrade coming up with super specs and within no time entering the Kenyan phone market with a bang. There are more improvements with this cell phone including the 3D touch display with outer layers to give you a multitouch interaction. The camera too is available with a good upgrade to offer super sparkling images powered up with an A9 chip. It’s a gadget to have this 2016 in the Kenya phone industry.

The outside part of this mobile phone is just the same with its successor, so there is no much difference except the weight. Additionally, the phone has a plastic strip and a camera sensor to polish it up with a breathtaking design and specs. The most amazing difference is only the color since this mobile phone comes up with rose gold color. Other Kenyan phones are just the same no change. Other cell phones may be disappointed after this phone landed in the market but after a while, it’s time for relief and everything can sell out again.

Nexus 6P

After the massive sell out of their old design cell phone, Google had a hard time to come up with another mind-blowing gadget. Phones in Kenya are in a competition that only the best survives. Because of this, this company decided to bring on board the Nexus 6P, which is termed as the Big G one of the phones that Google is happy of. They believe it’s the best phone in Kenya that they have manufactured so far and got good reviews from their users or customers.

Days are gone that we felt Google were just testing the waters just for the sake of popularity, but of late, things are going on a fine day after surprising Kenyan with new mobile phones in the market. It’s a mobile phone of the year just check it out yourself.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

sony xperia z5

When this cell phone came on board into Kenyan mobile phone market, its competitor was the iPhone 5s. However, this mobile phone came and took over the market and different users were happy again after a long dominance from companies like Samsung and Apple. Kenyan cell phone lovers believe that there is no other mobile phone out there good that is below 5 inches screen size. This phone does not compromise when it comes to performance since it comes with Snapdragon 810 system chip and a 23 mega-pixel for breathtaking images for all of your memories.

It’s a gadget to own this year since most Kenya phones have been compromised regarding quality and most look not genuine. Additionally, Sony designs are to die for, and they fit well to a human grip of the hand.

BlackBerry Priv

Blackberry features are hard to find in other Android phones in Kenya. They are just different with fantastic responsiveness. Take an example with their QWERTY keyboards; they just super with amazing slides that go in and out to give a great design that no other mobile phone in Kenya can offer. There is no much different between it and touch screens that Android phones are boasting of. Even other Kenyan phones that are selling very high cannot come close to its specifications. If you ask for the keyboard, it there, if you want a touchscreen, it’s still there waiting for you. What else would you ask about this smartphone? Get out there and consider having this mobile phone in Kenya.

Asus Zenfone 2

These are the kind of mobile phones that are little known to us but doing well in the international market. Unlike other cell phones in Kenya, Asus Zenfone 2 beats many other cell phones in terms specs and also the price. There is a huge margin between this phone and other self-proclaimed Smartphone out there in the Kenyan phone industry.  There is an enough memory for all your storage going up to 64GB, and its price is half that of iPhone and Samsung. In regard to Kenyan phones, do your math well even regarding the speed. No Kenyan cell phone that can beat this elephant in the room. Talk of 13MP camera for all your images whether alone or with your workmates. People around you are going to love this phone to the fullest.

Apple iPhone SE

iphone SE

As the word says in the streets, Apple phone are not for everyone in Kenya. It’s for the wealthy and self-driven individuals with great names in the government. Is that so? Forgive me if you feel offended but that the super truth just swallows it! Oh, I forgot, kids for the rich also floss with this kind of iPhones. At the moment, this iPhone SE is one of the best phones in Kenya currently. You can get this cell phone with slightly lower price than other big elephant phones out there.

The reason for this majorly comes from its performance backed up with a super 12MP camera capturing 4K videos are not forgetting its capabilities to capture live photos. Its battery surpasses the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and this is a good thing to Kenya mobile phone users. It’s small yes, but just knows you will have an amazing mobile phone in your hands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

galaxy note

One thing I cannot do is to forget this amazing brand Samsung. How can I surely? I have used it for years and even before I talk about this particular phone, mobile phones in Kenya can be taking us for a ride at times. How can they degrade this kind of phone? They are irresistible in every way. Talk of the slim body and the different colors that come with this phone. They are just super and amazing in every way. One thing that we can find to than Samsung with, it’s the fact that they have been able to finish the plastic covers and bad-looking designs that have limited then in the race of branding. However, the looks are not much a worry, mobile phones in Kenya are known to have good looks outside but have slow responsiveness internally. Take proper caution though! Samsung has the best Android, super battery life, Amoiled displays, and great colors. Never compare, take the lead!

End of Story

Those being said go out there and make good choices on the best mobile phones in Kenya today or soonest possible. It may be challenging but never give up when you are in a fix of choosing am a super phone versus a waste of your hard earned cash. Everything counts ladies and gentlemen, and so every coin counts unless you are born at the palace! It’s easy to have all the specs you can admire, but it’s not easy to get the quality you can live within 6 months or so. This means the choice you make today can hunt you in days to come. You ask me how? Well, a day may come when that phone starts warming up life the burning bush or a command click lasting for more than a minute when having an argument with your loved ones. Do not regret when its already late.